Lobby and Advocacy Alliance

The corner stone of lobby for the galgos and podencos is simple: working together!
GalgoPlatform is an Alliance between partners who represent the galgo and podenco interests in every way. Founded in 2018 at the initiative of DutchGalgolobby, GalgoPlatform was initially an information platform. Since then, it has grown into a lobby and advocacy platform with active partners. Each partner has their own role and expertise in the Alliance. Our common goal and the aim of GalgoPlatform is to share our expertise to help strengthen both our partners and our network, in order to help improve the wellbeing and lives of galgos and podencos. The role of DutchGalgoLobby within the GalgoPlatform is to share our lobby expertise to help strengthen this lobby and advocacy platform and its partners for the sighthound hunting dogs.

Below the representatives of the Lobby and Advocacy Alliance GalgoPlatform.