Project Description

Foundation DutchGalgoLobby is a non-profit organisation striving for better lives the Spanish hunting dogs, the galgos and the podencos. These dogs are severely abused in number of masses by the Spanish Hunt Industry. Many of them don’t come out of this industry alive. Most hunting dogs are dumped before reaching adulthood. Only the breading bitches are exploited mostly over 10 years and go from hand to hand.

As the galgos and podencos are only seasonly used for hare coursing (galgos) or the driven hunt (Monteria and Rehala – podencos), most of their time they are chained in dark shady barns on only water and bread. They have no medical attention, neither do they get affection. The more you abuse and hunger them, the better they hunt is the believe. If they get affection, they will not hunt says the hunter. Both these dog breeds are known as highly intelligent primal dog. Both these dog breed are the most amazing pets!

DutchGalgoLobby is striving to better the lives of these beautiful dogs who are legally entitled being Sentient Beings (article 13 Lissabon Treaty), and therefore have legal protection under European law. DutchGalgoLobby’s main job is lobby and advocacy in Spain, Brussel and the Netherlands. Another pillar is to strengthen the stakeholders who represents the galgo and podenco interests in any way.