The Galgo problems

Stop this Spanish “tradition”

Often the other dogs have to watch the torturing of their pack member. This way, the hunter hopes that they will be better hunters.

In earlier days, hunting with greyhounds was reserved for the nobility.

In the countryside people were very poor and farmers couldn’t afford themselves weapons for hunting. Because they weren’t allowed to possess greyhounds, they cross-breeded them illegally with other fast breeds. Dogs that did not come up to expectations, were old or sick were killed by hanging. Because of shortage of guns, this was the only way to get rid of a dog.

Evil spirits developed a cruel culture of this – out of poverty originated – necessity.
When Spain entered into the European Union, it insisted on keeping the Culture of the country. Unfortunately, bullfighting and the above mentioned dog cruelty’s are also considered Culture.

The dogs are hanged, where the duration of the suffering is extended by letting the back paws touch the ground. Another method is by placing a stick between the jaws, so that the dogs starve to death.

The rockband AK97 from Madrid composed a (hard)rock-number about the horrible Galgo-tradition in Spain. Click here for more information, the songtext and the rock number.

Other cruelties are: snipping off their paws, pouring battery acid over them and setting fire to them. They are buried alive or just tied up and forgotten, which means a slow death. They are drowned and beaten to death. Their tails are pulled out, ears are cut off. If a dog gets lucky, it is chased away from the farmyard by a shower of lead shot.

The extremely gentle Galgo is nowadays also used for training fighting dogs to attack and kill other dogs. Obviously the gentle Galgo is no serious opponent for these dogs and is often painfully injured or even killed.

They are even used as alive bait at the shark hunt!

In Spain, a European country, 50.000 Galgo’s are being tortured and killed every year.
By age-old traditions, galgo’s are being punished for their bad performances during hunting. The worse the performance, the heavier the punishment. According to superstition, the performance of the next dog depends on the cruelty of the given punishment. The more the dog suffers, the better the successor will be.