Verslag Protestmars in Den Haag zaterdag 21 mei.


Verslag Protestmars in Den Haag zaterdag 21 mei.

Stichting DutchGalgoLobby ondersteunde de door Greyhounds Rescue Holland georganiseerde protestmars naar de Spaanse Ambassade.
Op ons verzoek was Europarlementariër Anja Hazekamp van de Partij voor de Dieren aanwezig. Voor de Spaanse ambassade hield ze een korte toespraak voor de ca 500 demonstranten en hun honden. Ook een vertegenwoordiger van de Spaanse shelter Galgo’s del Sur sprak de demonstranten toe. Helaas wilden vertegenwoordigers van de Spaanse ambassade hen niet aanhoren. Na de toespraken mochten we aanbellen en wilden ze een document in ontvangst nemen.
Deze reactie maakte voor ons duidelijk dat de mishandeling van de Spaanse windhonden voor hen geen hoge prioriteit heeft.
De grote opkomst heeft aan hen hopelijk duidelijk gemaakt dat velen daar anders over denken.

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January 15th, 2014: Second billboard placed on location!


The second billboard for which DutchGalgoLobby publiced an online fundraising with the ‘turning tiles’ had been placed on location. The billboard is placed at a main highway in Murcia, the heart of the Galgo mistreatment.

It all took some more time than we expected due to location and printing-issues but DutchGalgoLobby was able to solve these problems in cooperation with M3 Publicidad.

The third billboard is also on its way. Subsidized by the Royal Dog foundation in Holland DutchGalgoLobby has developed a new design which will be placed within the next months. Part of the deal with the Royal dog protection foundation is measuring the actual effect of the billboards in influencing the local public opinion.

To be continued!

January 15th, 2014: Second billboard placed on location!2019-11-14T12:09:14+00:00

February 8th, 2014: Third billboard placed on location!


The third DutchGalgoLobby billboard is placed at a busy roundabout in the city center of Murcia. The billboard measures an impressive 8 x 3 meters.

The text on the billboard can be translated as ‘company animal’ or ‘pet’. With this text DutchGalgoLobby tries to influence the attitude of the Spanish public towards the Galgo.

The fourth billboard is also on its way. Partly funded by a subsidy of the Dutch Royal Dogprotection it will be placed within the next weeks.

February 8th, 2014: Third billboard placed on location!2019-11-14T12:09:16+00:00

June 9th, 2013: DutchGalgoLobby at Barcelona manifestation


June 9th at 11.30 a simultaneous manifestation was organized in Madrid and Barcelona to support the 2nd international manifestation in Strassbourg, organized by CREL.

The manifestations were organized by PACMA (the animal support party in Spain). A nice delegation of Galgo’s, their owners and other sympathizers from Spain and other countries joined the manifestation in front of the European Commission buildings in Madrid and Barcelona to present the Galgo and Podenco situation and emphasize the importance of the written declaration 0006/2013.

DutchGalgoLobby was present at the Barcelona manifestion which resulted in the photo impression below. Click on the photo’s to enlarge.

June 9th, 2013: DutchGalgoLobby at Barcelona manifestation2019-11-14T12:09:19+00:00

July 19th, 2013: The final version of the 2nd DutchGalgoLobby billboard


To keep the turning of the tiles of the billboard interesting during our billboard fund raising action, the design of the billboard was slightly adjusted. The definite version of the billboard as it will be placed along side a Spanish road is shown aside.

The final version is optimized for quick readability when passing it by car.

Of course we will keep you up to date regarding the placement of the billboard in Spain.

July 19th, 2013: The final version of the 2nd DutchGalgoLobby billboard2019-11-14T12:09:19+00:00

July 23rd, 2013: David Brennan jumps from a plane!



To raise funds for Pepis Dog Refuge, Pedrera, Seville.

When? TUESDAY, 23rd JULY 2013


He needs to raise 6,000 euros.

It will cost 5,000 euros to fence an area of land where the refuge can relocate to the top of the hill above the house and kennels, which have been engulfed in mud slides over winter. The house is now declared unsafe to live in.

It will cost 1,000 euros to buy a new electricity generator – their last one died and they are struggling. They can’t use power tools and the refuge does not have sufficient electricity for the day to day running of the refuge. They have a small generator which powers some of the lights at night. At the moment, the nights are light – what will happen in winter with short days and long dark nights?

The jump will be over La Rochelle and the Ile de Re on Tuesday, 23rd July 2013

David is hoping everyone will sponsor him – any amount will help.

If you run a business, why not sponsor David and get some free publicity!

Sponsor David via Youcaring!

July 23rd, 2013: David Brennan jumps from a plane!2019-11-14T12:09:19+00:00

June 20, 2012: Press pays attention to the participation DutchGalgoLobby


The participation of DutchGalgoLobby to the demonstration in Strasbourg was also noticed by the Dutch press. Weekly Magazine Delta, with a circulation of more than 36.000 copies, paid a lot of attention to the participation of DutchGalgoLobby, with amongst others a picture at the front page.

Of course, DutchGalgoLobby is very pleased with this kind of publicity.

Read here the article in the Delta Weekly Magazine. (Dutch)

June 20, 2012: Press pays attention to the participation DutchGalgoLobby2019-11-14T12:09:27+00:00
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