21 april – DutchGalgoLobby by European Parliament.


21 april 2016 – Today DutchGalgoLobby paid a visit to the European parliament in Brussels to further discuss the juridical options in the case of the Galgo mistreatment in Spain. Wilma van der Wel and Ed van Dort teamed up with ‪#‎MarkoRuis‬ and ‪#‎JesseVersteegh‬ and have discussed the options with Anja Hazekamp (MEP) and her assistant ‪#‎sophieRosseels‬. Special attention was paid to the Lisbon treaty and subsidiarity. Although there is more to be investigated, it was a very good conversation and we are convinced that we have made good progress.To be continued …21april_euro

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October 26th, The billboard has been stolen!


The billboard, sponsored by DutchGalgoLobby, which was placed in Murcia near the Ikea, has been stolen. We assume that the Galgueros, who disapprove of these kinds of exposure, played a role in the disappearance.

Still, the theft is no disaster. Again the Galgueros receive a lot of negative publicity.

The billboard is well insured so on short notice a new billboard will be placed.

A criminal complaint has been filed at the local Police in Murcia.

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April 15th, 2013: Written declaration submitted


Good news!

It took much longer than expected but after a lot of efforts the written declaration 0006/2013 is submitted to the European Parliament by Member of Parliament Ms. Michèle Striffler and nine other MEPs. Just 200 words, but what an impact we expect from this document.

Now the real work starts. As many MEP’s as possible have to sign the declaration. More signatures will add to the power of this official protest from the European Union. We have three months to collect the support of the MEPs.

Together with GINN, the DutchGalgoLobby foundation will support the collectif, in which Greyhounds Rescue Holland takes part, with her contacts with the Dutch- and European politicians in order to acquire as many signatures as possible before the closing date.

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June 9th, 2012: An impression of the Strasbourg protest


On June 9th, the DutchGalgoLobby Foundation travelled to Strasbourg for the great demonstration against hunting with Galgo’s in Spain. Wilma van der Wel, Ed van Dort, Tanja Schonagen and Galgo Luna represented DutchGalgoLobby at this great event.

The demonstration appeared to be an excellent place to get to know other foundations and several important people in the Galgo World. Beryl Brennan, writer of the book “From Heaven to Hell” (available at this website) and editor of Galgo News, turned out to be a source of knowledge and information. Besides this, her acquaintance with the different organisations was a big help in getting to know each other.

The DutchGalgoLobby Foundation is convinced that with political actions like this demonstration, the maltreatment of the Galgo’s in Spain can be stopped.

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June 20, 2012: Press pays attention to the participation DutchGalgoLobby Strasbourg


The participation of DutchGalgoLobby to the demonstration in Strasbourg was also noticed by the Dutch press. Weekly Magazine Delta, with a circulation of more than 36.000 copies, paid a lot of attention to the participation of DutchGalgoLobby, with amongst others a picture at the front page.

Of course, DutchGalgoLobby is very pleased with this kind of publicity.

Read here the article in the Delta Weekly Magazine. (Dutch)

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June 21, 2012: Hippodrome Mijas reopens race course for grey hound races


Not long after the demonstrations in Strasbourg, Madrid and Barcelona, the authorities in Malaga have come to the appalling decision to give permission to reopen the Hippodrome
Mijas for grey hound races. The official opening was on June 16 with the “Trofeo de Primavera”.

The director of Hippodrome Mijas, Antonio Maldonado, assured mayor Lourdes Burgos and the local tourist council that grey hound races would result in economic activities and jobs for the local people and tourists. There is no attention at all for the suffering that will be caused to the Galgo’s.
At the moment, gambling on dog races in Spain is officially banned, but Antonio Maldonado and the “Federación Andaluza de Galgo’s” are looking for possibilities to make it possible anyway.

What can we do?
On request of the Spanish Galgo Support Organisations we herewith ask everyone to protest againt the reopening of the Hippodrome for grey hound races, by sending an email (preferably in Spanish, otherwise in English) to this list of email addresses. Here you will find an example in the Spanish language. (please do not forget to “sign” with your name, email-address and country). Click here for an English translation of the Spanish letter.

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October 2, 2012: Billboard sponsored by DutchGalgoLobby is placed.


DutchGalgoLobby has sponsored a billboard to bring the Spanish Galgo under the attention of the Spanish people. The billboard was designed by DutchGalgoLobby and they will also finance maintenance. It was placed early October.

The billboard indicates that a Galgo is a dog to be loved. Placing the billboard was done under direction of Galgos del Sol, who are well aware of the Spanish regulations. The billboard stands at a location that attracts attention, near the IKEA establishment in Murcia.

With this kind of “public-friendly” actions, DutchGalgoLobby tries to influence the public opinion in Spain. After all, the best chance for success in ending the Galgo maltreatments is by reaching and influencing the Spanish people.

In future, DutchGalgoLobby will place more of these billboards, in close collaboration with Galgos del Sol.

Of course, a great billboard costs a lot of money. Your contribution to a billboard will be much appreciated!

Click here for a nice puzzle, with as subject the new billboard.

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