DutchGalgoLobby foundation

The DutchGalgoLobby foundation aims to stop the traditional maltreatment of greyhounds (Galgos) in Spain by applying pressure on Dutch and Spanish Governments and the European Parliament. Read here an English translated article about the Galgo cruelty in the Spanish newspaper  Público. By delivering accurate and concise information the DutchGalgoLobby strives to inform as many people as possible regarding the abusive treatment of these defenceless animals in Spain in order to force an open public discussion.

DutchGalgoLobby endeavours to achieve her goals by recruiting donors, sponsors, gifts and goods and what the foundation obtains in any other way by inheritance and legate. The Foundation is a non-profit organisation.

DutchGalgoLobby strives to support other organizations serving the interests of Galgos financially, but only after careful considerations and only project based.

DutchGalgoLobby will/does not engage in the shelter or adoption of Galgos.

Why the Spanish Galgo?
Everywhere in the world and also in the Netherlands, animals need help because they are neglected or mistreated. Why does the DutchGalgoLobby choose specifically the Spanish Galgo? Click here for the explanation.