Infomation about the Galgo Espaňol

The Spanish Galgo is a centuries old grey hound breed. They were bred by Gallic tribes, who lived on the Iberic peninsula. The Galgo was used for hunting and for protection.
The Galgo looks like a Greyhound, but its head is more peaked and its back is less curved.

Its tail is very long, low attached, with a hook to one side, very typical for this breed.
Shoulder-height for he-dogs is 65-70 cm, for she-dogs 60-68 cm. There are two types of Galgo’s, smooth-coated and rough-coated. The rough-coated Galgo can have a hairlength of 10 cm. The hair of the smooth-coated is dense and shiny. The Spanish Galgo colours are sand, red, yellow, brown with a black mask, white and black. In principle, all colours are allowed.

The Spanish Galgo is high spirited, very fast and manoeuvrable and has a great stamina. He is intelligent, curious, affectionate, patient with children and loyal. It is a very original breed with a strong hunting instinct. They are sight-hunters.

The Galgo prefers to go for a short and explosive run. It is not necessary to walk for hours, although the dog will gladly follow you.

In general, the Spanish Galgo is very obedient and easy to raise. He is very sensitive for a tough approach. The raising should be based on rewards and may never involve pressure or punishment. At home the dog is quiet, not intrusive and he will seldom bark. He will save his energy for outside. This means that a Galgo could also live in the city or in an apartment, as long as he can frequently run on a safe ground.

The Galgo is very affectionate to his boss and family, but reserved to strangers, without being aggressive. He gets along well with other dogs and will rather avoid a confrontation.

A Galgo is the ideal dog for active people. They love to go for walks, accompany you when you go for a run or run next to your bicycle.

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