Not long after the demonstrations in Strasbourg, Madrid and Barcelona, the authorities in Malaga have come to the appalling decision to give permission to reopen the Hippodrome
Mijas for grey hound races. The official opening was on June 16 with the “Trofeo de Primavera”.

The director of Hippodrome Mijas, Antonio Maldonado, assured mayor Lourdes Burgos and the local tourist council that grey hound races would result in economic activities and jobs for the local people and tourists. There is no attention at all for the suffering that will be caused to the Galgo’s.
At the moment, gambling on dog races in Spain is officially banned, but Antonio Maldonado and the “Federación Andaluza de Galgo’s” are looking for possibilities to make it possible anyway.

What can we do?
On request of the Spanish Galgo Support Organisations we herewith ask everyone to protest againt the reopening of the Hippodrome for grey hound races, by sending an email (preferably in Spanish, otherwise in English) to this list of email addresses. Here you will find an example in the Spanish language. (please do not forget to “sign” with your name, email-address and country). Click here for an English translation of the Spanish letter.