On June 9th, the DutchGalgoLobby Foundation travelled to Strasbourg for the great demonstration against hunting with Galgo’s in Spain. Wilma van der Wel, Ed van Dort, Tanja Schonagen and Galgo Luna represented DutchGalgoLobby at this great event.

The demonstration appeared to be an excellent place to get to know other foundations and several important people in the Galgo World. Beryl Brennan, writer of the book “From Heaven to Hell” (available at this website) and editor of Galgo News, turned out to be a source of knowledge and information. Besides this, her acquaintance with the different organisations was a big help in getting to know each other.

The DutchGalgoLobby Foundation is convinced that with political actions like this demonstration, the maltreatment of the Galgo’s in Spain can be stopped.