602, 2017

1 februari dag van de Galgo

februari 6th, 2017|Reacties uitgeschakeld voor 1 februari dag van de Galgo

1 februari dag van de Galgo. Op deze dag is het jachtseizoen afgelopen. Het hele jaar door worden Galgos afgedankt maar vanaf 1 februari worden ze weer massaal afgedankt...Gedumpt, vaak gewond aan hun lot overgelaten [...]

1603, 2013

March 25th, 2013: DutchGalgoLobby billboard promotion starts!

maart 16th, 2013|Reacties uitgeschakeld voor March 25th, 2013: DutchGalgoLobby billboard promotion starts!

The DutchGalgoLobby foundation wants to influence the public opinion in Spain by placing billboards. With the help of our new fundraising promotion DutchGalgoLobby asks for your support! Do you also want to know what the new billboard [...]

1605, 2012

May 28, 2012: Belinda Meuldijk publishes book about dog grief in Spain

mei 16th, 2012|0 Comments

The well-known dog lover Belinda Meuldijk has published a book about the dog grief in Spain. The book, with the title “A little dog from Spain”describes, besides the situation of the dogs in Spain, how [...]

1604, 2012

April 2, 2012: Article DutchGalgoLobby in menu Havana Beach Club

april 16th, 2012|0 Comments

Havana Beach Club, a beach pavilion in Rockanje, is a regular operating base (during the weekly walks along the beach with the Galgo’s) for the volunteers and committee members of DutchGalgoLobby. In the mean time, [...]

1603, 2012

June 7, 2012: monthly magazine Kosta pays attention to the Galgo problems.

maart 16th, 2012|0 Comments

he Dutch magazine Kosta focuses to the Dutch residents and tourists of the Costa del Sol. In the June issue there was a lot of room for the Galgo problems in Spain. DutchGalgoLobby lobbied to [...]

1602, 2012

February 29, 2012: Weekly magazine “Hallo”draws attention to the Galgo

februari 16th, 2012|0 Comments

DutchGalgoLobby has drawn the attention of the Dutch people at the Spanish Costa’s by informing them about the Galgo problems. The weekly magazine “Hallo”, with a circulation of 8000 copies, is being distributed among the [...]