DutchGalgoLobby has sponsored a billboard to bring the Spanish Galgo under the attention of the Spanish people. The billboard was designed by DutchGalgoLobby and they will also finance maintenance. It was placed early October.

The billboard indicates that a Galgo is a dog to be loved. Placing the billboard was done under direction of Galgos del Sol, who are well aware of the Spanish regulations. The billboard stands at a location that attracts attention, near the IKEA establishment in Murcia.

With this kind of “public-friendly” actions, DutchGalgoLobby tries to influence the public opinion in Spain. After all, the best chance for success in ending the Galgo maltreatments is by reaching and influencing the Spanish people.

In future, DutchGalgoLobby will place more of these billboards, in close collaboration with Galgos del Sol.

Of course, a great billboard costs a lot of money. Your contribution to a billboard will be much appreciated!

Click here for a nice puzzle, with as subject the new billboard.